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Who is

Papa Cebo?


David Cebollero, a.k.a. "Papa Cebo", is a collector first and foremost. He has interests that range far and wide, but has a particular bend towards golden and silver aged comics, plus The Walking Dead. 

His collection has become somewhat of an urban legend, and is only known factually by few who have laid eyes on portions of it. No one knows the true expanse of what he has managed to amass over the years, but everyone knows that it is incredible.

What gives Papa Cebo the most joy, though, is seeing fellow collectors get their "grail"- that one book they've been hunting for a while. And he loves providing those books at a reasonable, obtainable price. 

To that end, Papa has opened his collection to the masses and is beginning to offer books and collectibles at decent prices. He also offers original art and unique pieces that you can't find anywhere else, so be a part of Papa's family and find your own grail today!

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